Hoodview Disposal & Recycling Residential Garbage Collection

Hoodview Disposal & Recycling offers 35-gallon, 65-gallon, or 95-gallon carts for residents inside the city limits of Portland, with bi-weekly pickups. Trust us for reliable garbage pickup services; municipalities, neighborhoods, and homeowners associations can contact us for residential trash pickup by calling or filling out our quote form.

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Garbage Pickup Service Benefits

Garbage pickup service is crucial for the health and environment of local communities. It’s an essential service that reduces the spread of disease and pests such as mosquitos, rodents, and cockroaches. With regular, on-time residential garbage collection, we make sure these hazards are removed from your neighborhood.Once your trash is removed, we make sure it’s disposed of properly. Our highly trained staff live in the communities in which they work.

Residential Waste Collection

Types of Residential Trash Pickup

Hoodview Disposal & Recycling has curbside trash pickup service with both automated and manual collection. Residential trash pickup service is excellent for:

  • Municipalities

  • Single-family homes

  • Individual subscription service

  • Homeowners associations

Garbage Collection

Local Residential Garbage Collection From Hoodview Disposal & Recycling

Hoodview Disposal & Recycling is a comprehensive waste solution in the heart of Oregon. With over 200 dedicated employees and a fleet of 50 trucks, we cater to the diverse needs of customers in West Linn and other communities in northwest Oregon. Since our establishment in 1967, we've been the go-to choice for homes, businesses, organizations, and governmental facilities throughout Northwest Oregon.

Explore our website for crucial information about our garbage and recycling services. As a Hoodview customer, you'll find convenience at your fingertips – from viewing account details to bill payments and ordering temporary-use containers. Join us in our mission to create cleaner, greener, and more sustainable communities.

Take the Lead in Safely Disposing of Batteries

Handle batteries with care to prevent fires. Never toss them in curbside bins; it's a matter of safety.

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Hoodview Disposal & Recycling offers convenient pickup times and reliable service.